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We see things from a different point of view.

We see also things from the same point of view that all people can see. The common sense. 


Regardless different or same we bring innovation in design and development of wonderful handmade masterpieces. 


We create identity. Identity to your life or every day project.


Our mission is to design your identity and bring it to life. Use of cheap or precious material is out of the essence.


The only goal is the end result to look and be special and unique. Cause each Identity deserves and should be special and unique.

Our Customers



E-FOOD/ Toms/ Delivery Hero Greece -

“MASSIFWOOD P.C. provided us with excellent quality at competitive prices. They were able to deliver on time and always meet our standars”

Sun In Life Corporation -


“We trusted our Franchise Expansion in Europe to MASSIFWOOD  P.C. The result has been exceptional, above our initial expectations".

Warehouse Company -

“We trust our projects integrated design and development in MASSIFWOOD P.C. It's always guaranteed a state of the art execution throughout all project's steps”.

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